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Sri Sathya Nursery

Sf No: 403
Ooty Main Road, Mettupalyam - 641 301
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Silver OAK
Reaching a height of 75 feet or more with a 25-foot spread, Silver Oak is pyramidal to oval in shape, eventually developing a few heavy horizontal limbs and a thick trunk. It is a fast growing evergreen tree, between 18-35 m tall with dark green delicately dented bipinnatifid leaves reminiscent of a fern frond. These leaves are generally 15-30 cm long with silvery undersides. Its flowers are golden-orange bottlebrush-like blooms,...
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Teak (Tectona grandis), is a tall and handsome deciduous tree. Its botanical family is verbenaceae. It is called Sagwan, sagon saigon, saj, taku, kayum, etc in local languages. It grows well in warm climate and well-drained soil. It grows naturally in Myanmar and central and southern India and is propagated artificially in the Indo-Gangetic plains, and the foothills from Bengal to Haryana and Punjab on comparatively lesser scale, especially as an avenue tree. It grows happily in low height plains to the foothills up to 800 m.
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